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Gorg Fire Golza, Gōgu Faiyā Goruza: An enhanced version of Fire Golza, one among Ultraman Tiga’s past enemies. Gorg Antler, Gōgu Antorā: A stag beetle-themed monster and an enhanced version of Antler, one among Ultraman’s previous enemies. Two monsters, Gorg Antler and Fire Golza were created as part of the Zaigorgs army whereas advancing to Carlos Communications to destroy the stone that sealed it. After obtaining the Beta Spark Armor, X freed the two Ultra Warriors and outmatched Zaigorg earlier than defeating it with Beta Spark Arrow. Before the occasion, he entrusted Gomora to Daichi as the Spark Doll turns into the very keepsake from Takashi. With Ultraman injured by Golzas cannonball, Asuna and Wataru used the powers of Cyber Gomora and Cyber Zetton, respectively, to delay Golz. In contrast, Ultraman recovered and destroyed it along with his Special Ray.

First engaged towards Tiga Sky Type in aerial combat, its wings had been crippled by Sky Musketty by Cyber Birdons powers and compelled to battle Tiga Power Type on land earlier than being destroyed by Multi Type via Zepellion Ray. Xiao members tried to use the Cyber Monsters’ powers but failed after Zaigorg unleashed its minions, Gorg Antler and Gorg Fireplace Golz. On account of the Ultra Flare, Spark Dolls on Earth that were affected turn into monsters that are ultraman merchandise fought by Xio and Ultraman X. How, there are also extraterrestrial threats in addition to other aliens and monsters who exhibit no signal of hostility in the direction of Earthlings examples with Dr. Gourman, the Alien Fanton that works in Xio. The Inferno Demon Clones Enma Bunshin-jū, X The Film is a military of Zaigorgs clones of past monsters, which had been created using spikes that emerge from his again before they had been launched to create respective monsters.

Zaigorgs primary weapon is a huge kanabō on its right arm, which had the power to unharness blade-like protrusions on its lower back, which in flip created Inferno Demon Clones as his total military. Molten Iron Monster Demaaga, Yōtetsu Kaijū Demāga, 1, 12: Demaaga was an iron-clad demon from eight centuries prior, rampaging on the pacific lands and sealed by the giant of mild. It was colored light blue per alteration from Zaigorg and might roll itself into a cannonball for assault. Whereas his major ending attack is the Royal End, Roiyaru Endo, Geed Royal Mega-Grasp uses the Ultraman Capsules with King Sword for extra attacks. This episode’s phrase for Gais Ultra Hero Great Analysis features the cards of Ultraman Tiga Sky Kind and Hyper Zetton Deathscythe.