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Warren, Tom June 20, 2017. “Spotify is now out there within the Home windows Store.” Weblog, Windows Expertise June 24, 2021. “Building a brand new, open Microsoft Store on Home windows 11”. Windows Expertise Weblog. Peters, Jay June 24, 2021. “Microsoft will let devs keep every penny their Windows app makes – until it is a sport.” Warren, Tom April 29, 2021. “Microsoft shakes up Computer gaming by decreasing Windows store lower to 12 percent”. Foley, Mary Jo April 29, 2015. “Here is how Microsoft hopes to get Android and iOS telephone apps into its Home windows 10 Retailer”. Peter, Bright March 3, 2015. “Microsoft’s next tried to fill the Home windows 10 app hole: Net app apps”. Kerr, Dara April 18, 2012. “Microsoft’s Home windows Retailer goes the world with 33 more countries”.